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Looking For Free E-Cards

Many people are turning to free e-cards to express their feelings towards family and friends or to celebrate a holiday or special occasion. With the escalating price of physical greeting cards, not to mention the cost in sending them and the concern with the environmental impact of everything we do sending a free e-card seems to make more sense all the time. And you can show just as much love and thoughtfulness with a free e-card as a regular store bought card.

Most all of the companies that produce standard greeting cards also have a free online version which you can access through their web sites. Hallmark Cards, American Greeting and Blue Mountain are some of the companies that offer free e-cards along with their regular cards. Of course their hope is that you will go ahead and buy one of their online cards which are still much cheaper than those you purchase in stores or retail outlets. Every holiday and occasion imaginable is available in an e-card. Technology has made the animation of many of these cards outstanding.

Many e-card sites will let you "build" your own card and personalize it any way you want. E-cards are big business now a days and while they may be free for you companies pull out all the stops to provide you with the best possible e-cards available. Advertising revenue is what drives these companies as thousands of people access these sites on a daily basis.

Finding a free e-card site is not difficult to do. Any search engine such as Google or Yahoo will yield thousands of results for you to check out. Most of the sites are very well thought out and organized with categories for each different holiday and occasion so you don't have to search through the thousands of cards available. Find the card you want to send, type in the email address of the recipient hit the send button and your free e-card zips across cyberspace to land in your loved ones email box. People love to receive e-cards from those they know and it is often a pleasant surprise after all the junk email one receives to find a personalized greeting waiting for them.

So before that next holiday or special event arrives give some thought to checking out the many e-card sites available online. You will be saving time, money and protecting the environment while showing someone how much you care for them. What could make more sense? And all of it made possible by sending a free e-card.

Anniversary Card

Quick Easy Greetings -
What to Write in an Anniversary Card

By Dave Pipitone

How often have you wondered what to write in an anniversary card? Imagine an important anniversary that comes along. Maybe it is a special year for your marriage, a golden wedding anniversary for your parents, friends or other family members. Do you want it to go by without saying something that will touch a heart and make you smile that you shared your love?

An anniversary is a special time to remember and recall the silver and golden moments in a relationship. Many store-bought greeting cards offer words and short poems that are sentimental, flowery, serious and funny. With the price of a paper card as high as six or seven dollars, you want to make sure that it offers the right message to the person receiving your card.

Why It is Important to Write a Personal Greeting

Many times, you may find that the anniversary greeting printed inside the card does not fit what you really want to say from your heart. If you are buying for your spouse, you want to give a card that expresses a heart-felt emotion of love, appreciation and gratitude for sharing life together. Remember, every time you remember your wedding day or the wedding day of others, you receive a unique occasion to communicate how much your partner means to you.
Let's face it. Anniversary cards that don't give your loved one a sense of appreciation risk being thrown away or filed in a big box in the basement. Unless you make a love-connection with your words, all you have is an expensive, store-bought folded piece of paper. Anniversaries come and go, and the one day you live them is the day to communicate your feelings.
Here are two quick greetings that you can write in an anniversary card so that you tell your loved ones what they mean to you.

For Your Own Marriage Anniversary
Just ___ years ago, we exchanged rings, promises and vows with each other. Today, we exchange our love and hearts in a deeper friendship. Thank you for loving me all these years.

For Your Parent's Wedding Anniversary
Dear Mom and Dad, when I was growing up, I was amazed at how you shared your love for each other. Now, I am so amazed at how you share your life with each other through all these years.
Writing a quick personal greeting with your greeting card lets you express loving thoughts. If you find it hard to compose greetings, you can find examples of what to write in an anniversary card on specialized websites. All you need to do is know where to look and adopt the wording.