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Fun Photo Christmas Card Ideas For Your Family Holiday Greeting.

By Linda Kling

What are you going to do to make this year's photo Christmas cards really stand out?

1. Transform an ordinary photo Christmas card into a religious one by adding your favorite Bible verse.

2. Create a four seasons look with a multi photo Christmas card that has space for four photos.

3.Take a close up photo of the masterpiece for this year's card.

4.Write out the directions on a pretty recipe card, then clip a family photo onto the card, perhaps of the kids baking cookies.

5.Most online photo Christmas card companies will do this for you at no extra charge.

6.You might want to ask the card company to change the older photos to black and white or make the current picture larger than the rest. This year you can have an amazing photo Christmas card that gets rave reviews from friends and relatives.

Insert Photo Christmas Cards

Good old fashioned cards? Well, call it the "short-cut" to making your own Christmas cards. You've got yourself a personalized card.

An Alternative To Insert Photo Christmas Cards

If the idea of personalized Christmas cards is something you would like to do this season but you don't have the time or the inclination to work on the photos, then fret not, there's a different option: personalized photo Christmas cards.

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Send Birthday Greetings to Someone You Know Through SMS!
By Kristi Ambrose

Ah the age of technology. I just love it. Nowadays you can do just about anything on or over the Internet. As long as you have a connection of some kind; blue-tooth or otherwise - then you can accomplish almost anything you want! Recently I was looking for some sites online that allow you to find birthday SMS messages because my friends bday is coming up and I wanted to wish her a happy birthday in a unique way! We always do special stuff for each other when it comes to our bdays. Never anything super boring! An SMS is just a fancy word for a text message but the acronym actually means - Short Message Service aka text message! I found a few sites that actually give you a ton of ideas through the website.

This is actually a really easy thing to do and you can do it in all kinds of languages not just standardized English. This is always nice as well because NOT everyone speaks or reads English! I have a best friend that knows VERY little English - he is Dutch. So when it comes to stuff like this, I try to make it as easy on him as I can. The first thing you have to do is find the site you want for the birthday SMS message. After you do so you should see a few different categories on the website itself - usually languages such as Dutch, English, French, Italian, Hindi, Russian, Spanish, etc. So when you pick a specific category - you will be given birthday messages in that language.

So if we take a look at Spanish, we can see things like: \"Feliz Cumpleanos! Deseandote buena salud y felicidad en la vida\" which means (I think) \"Happy Birthday To You! To Good Health & Happiness In Your Life\" or something along the lines of that. My Spanish is rusty! Which is why you should send me an English SMS! Anyway, you can find all kinds of different messages. Things like happy wishes, birthday jokes, memories, etc. Once you find the one you want simply type it into your phone and voila send. That person will receive your text and smile brightly that you even remembered it was their birthday. And even more - you actually spent a few minutes to send something unique instead of the usual \"Happy Birthday!\"

Also, if you really wanted to or if you don't have a cell phone - you can find text messages on these sites and then go to a free SMS sending site and just do a copy/paste in the sender message box and send it like that. It would save you from typing it out, its super quick, and its fun! Try it out and see for yourself!

SMS birthday examples :

Before the clock strikes twelve let me take the opportunity to let you know that you have grown a year more...
Happy birthday...

Birthday SMS, Birthday English SMS, 130 Characters

Somebody up there Loves you
Somebody down here cares for you
Happy Birthday!!!

Birthday SMS, Birthday English SMS, 82 Characters

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Birthday Wishes - Thoughtful, Humorous, and Fun!
By Martin Dejnicki

This time, do something truly thoughtful and add personalized birthday wishes and birthday poems to your card or gift. Your friends and family will know that you really spent some time and effort, and they will appreciate how much they were in your thoughts, as you have taken the time to add a personal touch to your birthday offering for them.

Send special birthday wishes to the ones nearest and dearest to you. Whether they are close by or you are separated by many miles, you can make their big day extra special with birthday poems and greetings that mean something to them.

Imagine how you would feel if, separated from your friends and family on your birthday, you received a card in the mail with thoughtful hand-written birthday wishes that remind you of how much you are loved? The miles between you would not seem so great if you were greeted with warm thoughts and verses on your special day.

What about a friend who is down about turning another year older? Make her feel loved and appreciated, and remind her that she is only as old as she feels on the inside with birthday wishes from your heart.

The love of your life will be truly touched when you express your feelings with tender birthday wishes for a long and happy life together. Amidst our daily routines, we often neglect to tell those closest to us how grateful we are to have them in our lives. A birthday is the perfect occasion to let them know that we need them and that we are thankful for the joy they bring us.

Consider this short, but sweet verse:

I wish you everything your dreams create,
Your imagination is truly great.

What a wonderful way to send a greeting of love and encouragement. And here's a sweet and fun idea: gather a handful of rhyming birthday wishes, and send them as text messages throughout the day. Your friend or loved one will feel like the birthday kid again when the whole day becomes an occasion for celebration.

We have hundreds of verses like the one above, whether you want to send romantic or humorous birthday wishes, or something to cheer up a friend who is down. You are welcome to share any of them you like, and if you come up with your own birthday greeting that you would like to pass along, we would love to read it.

While you are browsing, check out our collection of birthday poems, quotes, and messages of all types. When you take the time to make a card or gift personal, or find your own unique way to send a birthday message. If you are truly adventurous, why not send your message as a banner on a plane for the world to see? Nothing is as gratifying to a friend or someone dear to you as seeing that you care so much that you want everyone to know.

Send birthday wishes and greetings to everyone you know, and your friendships will grow and deepen.

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Homemade Anniversary Card Ideas
By Keshia Fernandez

Having an anniversary soon? Searching for Homemade anniversary cards and ideas?

When I think of anniversary, first thought it should always come from the heart! If your making it for your partner only you know them best!If your making it for someone else you only know of them and who they are... Keeping that in mind I'm sure you'll come up with homemade anniversary cards and verses for all sorts of occasions.

The great thing about an anniversary is that it can be anything... It can be made for all sorts of different dates.It doesn't have to be date of marriage or anything like that. For instance it could be after a 6 month period instead of a year.

I always like to celebrate the day we first hooked up as our official anniversary and including little dates like remember today was the first day we moved into our new home? I love my partner and I like to see everyday as an anniversary because it is a new day spent together!

Think of where you'd be without one another?

Don't feel confined to brainstorming all these card ideas just for weddings, there are other dates that make it special dates that are meaningful. After all it would not be meaningful if we didn't want to relive those special moments!

Here are some anniversary inspirations for your anniversary cards:

1. Use, Remember when we...

* first time you made love

* First photo together

* A first dinner

* If you knew each other before?

* A first trip

* First movie

* Something funny

you could incorporate it on the front of your anniversary cards with the date in decorative fonts and write these, remember when or it's the little things about you..., in the inside of your cards...

For example: I love to use the beach, where we first met! you can use beach shells and sand with footprints or holding hands...or draw a heart in the sand and take a photo of it!

For other couples or parents anniversaries emphasize...

* All the good times you know of them

* Times spent together as friends or families

* Values & qualities they both shared

Use all these ideas to create unique homemade anniversary cards for other people in your life.

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How to Make Chinese Valentine's Cards

By BlueGaia

Qi Qiao Jie (Chinese Valentine's Day)

While Chinese Valentine's Day Qi Qiao Jie, is for lovers, the day is characterized by Chinese legend and culture. Celebrating on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month of the Chinese calendar (August), Chinese go to the temple of the Matchmaker to pray for romantic good fortune. It is not traditional to give Chinese Valentine's cards. But the practice has incorporated the Western use of cards, which are adorned with images and language that brings to mind traditional Qi Qiao Jie symbols.


Making Chinese Valentine's Cards

  1. Step 1

Make a Chinese Valentine's card that cites "Fairy of the Magpie Bridge." Immortalized by Chinese poet Qin Guan, this Song Dynasty (960 to 1279) poem symbolizes love that will never die. It is said that no magpies fly on Qi Qiao Jie. The birds all fly to the bridge where two legendary lovers met.

  1. Step 2

Include an image of two lovers meeting on Magpie Bridge beneath grapevines. Write a few brief lines that imagine what the two Chinese lovers murmured to one another. Refer to your eternal joining in the heavens.

  1. Step 3

Portray you and your love as the lovers Zhi Nu and Niu Lang. Add an adorned ox's horn to memorialize poor cowherd Niu Lang's only earthly possession.

  1. Step 4

Give your love a card that displays two stars Alshain and Tarazed, who are the two lovers, together forever in the heavens. Include incense to bring to the Temple of the Matchmaker.

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How to Make Animated Birthday Cards

By PokerPlayingDad

Have you ever wanted to send a customized and personalized birthday card to one of your friends online, but you are afraid you don't have the talent to create one? Don't worry, there is a website out there that can help you create your own animated birthday card to send to a friend or relative, requiring no artistic ability. You can even add a photo to the animated birthday card. These cards can dance, play, jump and more as the birthday boy or girl opens his or her card online.


Things You'll Need:

  • Computer Internet connection
  1. Step 1

Log on to the website. This website allows you to customize cards for numerous occasions, including birthdays.

  1. Step 2

Create an account at It's free to create an account and create customized birthday cards.

  1. Step 3

Select the "Prepare A Head" section at the top right corner of the screen on the top tool bar.

  1. Step 4

Upload your image to the Mushygushy website. Rotate your head so it is vertically aligned. Set the scale so your head is correctly sized on the website for use with the animated ecards.

  1. Step 5

Choose the option to alter your skin tone on the website of your character to match your own skin tone in the picture of your head that you uploaded.

  1. Step 6

Choose the "Select A Card" at the bottom of the page, and then select the "birthday" option on the left hand side of the screen in the column of holidays.

  1. Step 7

Preview the cards by clicking on them, until you find the birthday card that you want to send to your friend or relative. Choose the "select this card" link at the bottom of the screen to choose that card.

  1. Step 8

Choose one of your own heads you uploaded in Step 4, or use one of the ones already created by clicking the tab at the bottom of the screen. Click on the head you wish to use.

  1. Step 9

Select the "Finish and Send" option. This will take you to a page where you can enter the recipient's name, their email address and change the birthday message sent with the card. You can also enter your name and email address.

  1. Step 10

Choose the date to send your animated birthday card, and hit the send button. Your card will arrive in the recipient's email box the day you designate.

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Sentiments and Sayings for Wedding Cards
By Kate Pullen,

Finding sentiments and greetings for handmade wedding cards should be very straightforward. The message is quite simple and is generally along the lines of wishing the newly married couple a long and happy life together. Find the right words for a handmade wedding card, however, can be surprisingly difficult. Here are some ideas to help you find the perfect words to give an extra special finishing touch to the special one-of-a-kind wedding card that you have lovingly created.

Types of Sentiments and Greetings for Handmade Wedding Cards

There are many different types of sentiments and greetings that are suitable for handmade wedding cards. These can be used on the front of the card or inside to share a special message. The words can also be used as an integral part of the card design. The type of words that you use should be tailored to the card design. If you are creating a classical and traditional styled card then the most appropriate form of words should echo the classic nature of the design. A funny or amusing saying may be incongruous. Likewise, a card design that is light hearted and fun will be well suited to amusing sayings.

Using Sentiments as Inspiration for Card Designs

While picking sentiments or words for a handmade card generally is one of the last steps in the creation process, sometimes a quote or poem can provide inspiration for a card design. See How to Use Quotes as Design Inspiration for more information.

How to Apply Sentiments to Wedding Cards

There are many ways that you can apply a sentiment to wedding cards. Rubber stamps are available with many different sentiments on them, including ones for weddings. This can be a great solution, however many card makers may find this limiting – unless, of course, you have access to a wide range of stamps. Hand writing or printing sentiments onto paper and attaching this to a card can be a good compromise. Take a look at How to Add Sentiments to Cards for more tips and advice.

The websites below have lots of different verses and sentiments that are ideal for adding to a handmade card.

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Funny Birthday Cards
By Marcus Peterson

One way of adding a more personal touch in sending electronic greeting cards is by adding some funny material on the card that you and the recipient can both relate to and appreciate. Sending these kinds of electronic cards provides you with both a convenient and fun way of greeting your loved ones on their birthdays and other special occasions. Fortunately, in the same way that there are numerous sites on the Internet that provide electronic cards, there are also a number of sites that allow you to send cards with jokes and other funny material.

Picking the joke

When you browse through the websites that offer funny electronic cards, you will be given two choices before you start. One option is to just use the provided material, which are usually jokes that they offer on the websites, and use them for your electronic birthday cards. The other option is to input your own funny material, which can be a personal joke that you and the recipient share. You can also choose to include photos of a funny event that you and the recipient shared.

Other steps

Once you have decided on the design and on the material that you will include in the card, follow the procedure for sending the electronic card. This involves inputting your e-mail address, the recipient's e-mail address and the day you want the card sent. You can then send the card by clicking on the send button.

Receiving and viewing a funny electronic card that has been sent to you involves the same steps for viewing any other electronic card. You can either clink on the link on the e-mail or you can paste the link on your browser window.

Being able to include personal or private jokes and other funny material provides a novel way of sending a personalized birthday card, which is sure to be appreciated by those who receive them.

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