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Money and Time Saving Tips to Sending Online Greeting Cards

By David McDonough

David McDonough

David McDonough
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1. You Save Money - How we are able to offer a superior product at a lower price

There are actually several reasons why we can offer such a low price compared to the Mall stores. With the coming of the Internet, you can now shop online through our catalogue of over 10,000 online greeting cards. You can also custom design your own card. The Mall stores only have between 1500 and 3500 cards to choose from. The Mall stores have a huge rent that they need to pay every month. Who do you think pays their rent? You Do! The Mall stores charge up to $5.99 per card. Our cards are no more than $1.30 (Plus the cost of the postage stamp) for a customized card with a photo. You can even add gifts and gift cards if you wish.

Inventory of cards and disposal of cards that never sold is also something that you are paying for with the Mall shops. They have to keep up an inventory of cards and also do something with the ones that don't sell. With Easy Online Greeting Cards there is no inventory. There is no waste. Why? Every card that is ordered online is printed that night. That's right! We print and send out your greeting cards for you On-Demand! All of our cards are printed on recycled cardstock.

2. You Save Time - How much is your time worth?

What do you think your time is worth? Let's just say for example that it would take you about 1 hour to run to the store and pick out a card. It is a beautiful day outside and you are having a relaxing morning sitting outside or in front of the TV. You now realize that you need to send a card out that day. Now even if you value your time at a low rate of $5 per hour. Now you need to add $5 more into that greeting card.

With online greeting cards you can easily send out a card in 15 minutes or less. Would you believe that you can send personalized cards to over 1,000 people at once in the same amount of time?

3. You Save Gas - How much is a gallon of gas?

At the time that I am writing this article, the price of gas is $2.05 a gallon. Even if you live close to the store you are going to use some gas. What about wear and tear on your car? What if you were in a fender bender? All of this sounds like a lot of work to send out a greeting card. Why not spend 15 minutes or less on your computer and customize a nice greeting card and send it. We print it, stuff it in an envelope and mail it out for you. Did you notice that I did not even mention that you would have to get a stamp and mail your card yourself from the Mall store? We take care of that for you.


Free Ecards
By Kristy Annely

Thanks to the technology of the Internet, we don’t have to rely on snail mail to greet our loved ones. And thanks to free E-cards, we don’t have to spend anything at all.

We used to just send our greetings on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, Easter, Christmas, and the like or events like birth, death, sickness, or success. Now, we can send anyone and everyone at least one card everyday just to show we are thinking of them and care for them. It shows our concern, sympathy, encouragement, support, and acknowledgment. Sending an E-card is truly sweet and thoughtful. And the best thing is it’s all just a click away, no hassles! What’s more, one cannot reiterate it enough, it’s all for free!

There are countless free E-cards available online. Sure, there are many ordinary ones but a lot of animated E-cards are free as well. Some musical E-cards are offered for free too. For different events, there are other different categories depending on what the sender wants to convey and what he knows the recipient will appreciate. There are free E-cards with serious and uplifting messages and ones that are plain silly and funny. Free love and friendship E-cards are very popular. They typically have love poems, flowers, hearts, hugs and kisses. Free family Ecards hold messages especially catered to mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, grandparents, sons, daughters and the like. Free religious E-cards usually have quotes from the bible and are sent to those in need of inspiration and spiritual guidance. Free cute E-cards usually show dogs, cats, bunnies, teddy bears and the like. Free humor E-cards contain jokes.

There are numerous free E-cards about other events we really did not use to celebrate before. Now there are free E-cards for April Fools' Day, Reconciliation Day, Lady Luck Day, and so on. There are even cards for Peanut Butter and Jelly Day and Chocolate Mousse Day!

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