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Animated Free Greeting Cards: Simple Ways To Make An Unforgettable Impression
By Jed Baguio

Keeping our loved ones is never been easier than before. We have in our palms mobile phones and Internet. Yet surprising them with an animated free greeting card can go a long way to keeping them happy and feel remembered and cared for.
Such doing simple acts of can make a big difference and could be moments where both of you may never forget. That really something worth doing if you ask me.

It only takes a few minutes of your time, a few clicks there and you’re on your way sending your loved ones a nice animated free greeting card. Plus, most online greeting cards have music and animations in them. Which is really fun to look and listen to. What’s more online greeting cards are absolutely free, well most of them. Unlike the traditional where you may spend a few cents.

Online cards with animated funny designs and characters can ease up one’s tiredness. Wide array of funny animated greeting cards lined up right before your very eyes. Such type of card is just one of the varied categories that you can easily found in the net. Greeting cards ranges from the usual birthday, anniversary, wedding and graduation celebrations to seasonal festivals and occasions such as April Fool’s Day, Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving Day and Valentine’s Day.

Animated greeting cards in the Internet have several advantages over paper cards. The usual paper greeting cards can use up the natural resources which can oftentimes pollute our environment and waste lots of trees that can otherwise, safeguard our nature from toxic and pollution. You also have lots of choices available, which can be sent in fast, easy way. It only requires an email account of the person to whom you will send the card. Finding the site that offer free animated greeting cards can be done in almost no time at all. The pieces of information you need in sending the card you have chosen are displayed in details so you don’t have to worry if it is your first time to browse and send an online greeting card.

Some sites offer animated greeting cards for advertisement and promotion. So aside from mere sending of greetings, cards are also used as a marketing tool to attract more customers. Sites for greeting cards are open to Internet users so that means more promotion of the company’s products and services. The use of free online greeting cards as Internet marketing tool is one of the most effective strategies to have pocket friendly boost in your business. In the United States, Internet users range from 40-60% of the total population. 85% of which are annual visitors of greeting cards sites.

NO matter what purpose the online greeting card is meant, what is important is you can send your greetings in funny and memorable manner without spending that much. The best things in life are free right? So why do you have to spend a fortune when you can express your love, care and concern to the people close to your heart in affordable, totally memorable online greeting cards?

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Eco Friendly Thank You Cards
By Deb Rosenberg

Eco friendly stationery products, also known as plantable stationary, are becoming increasingly popular. And my favorite product of all is an eco friendly thank you card. This is because when you send a plantable thank you to someone, whether it was the guests at your wedding, your bar or bat mitzvah, your birthday celebration or just to a friend for a niceness they did for you - you are giving back to them a gift of ready to plant, beautiful flower seeds.

And planting couldn't be easier. Either plant the card whole, or just part of it (you can also tear it into pieces) and plant it under a bit of soil. Water daily and within a couple of weeks you'll see the first seedlings begin to sprout.

Eco friendly thank you cards are made out of 100% recycled paper waste and are embedded with seeds. They often come in a variety of styles and colors. Some you purchase 'as is' (meaning that it is like picking a box of thank you cards at a store) while others let you custom create your own thank you cards.

Custom plantable thank you cards: When researching this option look for choices that allow you to provide at least one or two lines of text (examples: "Thank you from Mr. & Mrs. Timothy L. Harris", "Elizabeth and Jonathon thank you for sharing in their special day", etc.). You may even choose to include a favorite photo (a wedding picture, for example) on the front of the card. When going with a custom card make sure you receive a proof for your approval before it goes off to print.

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