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Fun Photo Christmas Card Ideas For Your Family Holiday Greeting.

By Linda Kling

What are you going to do to make this year's photo Christmas cards really stand out?

1. Transform an ordinary photo Christmas card into a religious one by adding your favorite Bible verse.

2. Create a four seasons look with a multi photo Christmas card that has space for four photos.

3.Take a close up photo of the masterpiece for this year's card.

4.Write out the directions on a pretty recipe card, then clip a family photo onto the card, perhaps of the kids baking cookies.

5.Most online photo Christmas card companies will do this for you at no extra charge.

6.You might want to ask the card company to change the older photos to black and white or make the current picture larger than the rest. This year you can have an amazing photo Christmas card that gets rave reviews from friends and relatives.

Insert Photo Christmas Cards

Good old fashioned cards? Well, call it the "short-cut" to making your own Christmas cards. You've got yourself a personalized card.

An Alternative To Insert Photo Christmas Cards

If the idea of personalized Christmas cards is something you would like to do this season but you don't have the time or the inclination to work on the photos, then fret not, there's a different option: personalized photo Christmas cards.


chandra said...

Wonderful tips, Bible verse is a great concept, will try this!@bose

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